250+ Pages on How to do Business in Vietnam

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Over 250 pages of how to do business in Vietnam.

A special treat for our business readers. We noticed on Quora that there has been a lot of interest in doing business in Vietnam lately, but also a lot of confusion over the legislation, tax laws, and financial regulations present. People understand the lucrative opportunities available, but they do not know how to actually do business in Vietnam. While our partners at Grant Thornton treated us to an incredibly comprehensive primer on that topic, we decided to go a step further and provide you with even more resources. After a long session of scouring the internet, we found the three guides linked below. Together, they sum to over two-hundred fifty pages of content on how to do business in Vietnam.

Ernest & Young: Doing Business in Vietnam


This 153 page guide is the mother of all Vietnam business guides. Its size makes it a challenge to complete, but should you actually finish the entire thing, you will be rewarded handsomely. It begins with a brief overview of why you should invest in Vietnam’s future, and then delves into the industries creating the most business opportunities. The report then takes you into a logistical detour that explains all the visas, regulations, and labor dynamics you need to understand to thrive in Vietnam. It then provides a deep overview of relevant peripheral systems in areas such as technology transfer, foreign exchange control, and financial reporting. You will know everything about Vietnam’s business atmosphere after reading this.

The World Bank: Doing Business in 2017 For Vietnam


Another deep tour-de-force, but much more focused on the hands-on processes of starting a business and conducting trade. In contrast to its counterpart from Ernst and Young, it focuses little on the investment case for Vietnam; it assumes you are already convinced to do business there. Instead, you will find deep primers on registering property, getting electricity, and resolving insolvency in Vietnam. The entire report is studded with charts and info-graphics, so it is very easy to read.

PricewaterhouseCoopers: Doing Business in Vietnam 2015


Consider this a briefer, more toned version of its cousin from Ernst & Young. A much quicker read, so a fitting primer for businessmen short on time. This is also the most visual of the three reports, and covers the majority of the most pressing topics in enough depth to reap benefit. It is also the only one with an executive summary that pretty much sums up the most important points in the report. PricewaterhouseCoopers seems to understand the value of brevity.

Does Business in Vietnam thrill you?

If doing business in Vietnam is something that excites you, you may also enjoy reading our distillations of the success stories of Vietnamese business titans. Be sure to check out our 3 lessons from Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, VietJet’s superstar CEO and Vietnam’s first female billionaire, as well as our 3 lessons from Kieu Hoang, a legendary Vietnamese American entrepreneur.


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