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Kim Kardashian pays $5,000. You can do better for $145.

If you are like most individuals, custom-fit (bespoke) clothing may be just an afterthought. While the idea of clothes that fit you perfectly and look great is appealing, the notion of inconvenience associated with taking measurements and long tailor visits have held you back.

Well here is a little secret. For the first time in history, looking amazing is easier than looking average. Thanks to innovative startups like Efaisto and Rita and Phill, it is now both affordable and convenient to dress bespoke. The looks of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale and Will Smith in Focus is now accessible to anyone. For those of you unconvinced, we list four reasons why you should make the custom-fit transition today.

1) It amps up your (sex) appeal.


When you put on a piece of custom-fit clothing, it is like putting on an additional layer of skin. It feels this way because a master artisan made the piece specifically for your body, not your size label. The pieces don’t merely fit your curves and edges, but they accentuate all your best features – a feat nothing off the rack could pull off unless you are a mannequin.

For women, this could mean a skirt that feels comfortable after 4 hours of driving, and still looks great in the office. For men, it could mean feeling as suave and put together as James Bond. They do say that a perfectly tailored suit is the office-acceptable version of lingerie.

2) It is scientifically correct.


A new study from the Journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science stated that what we wear affects how we feel, and therefore, how we think. Ever notice how you are a lot more confident in your favorite club outfit than in your pajamas? The benefits apply to the workplace too. The researchers stated that wearing finer clothing made the subjects feel more powerful, and therefore, produced more big-picture thinking.

They also stated that if the person felt like they looked good, their mood would experience a jump. How could you not be happier when your clothes make you feel like you are walking on the red carpet all day? Your self-esteem might also take a boost from knowing that you are the best dressed in the workplace.

3) It is finally affordable.

Startups like Efaisto and Rita & Phil are producing innovative business models that deliver bespoke at a discount. All you have to do is send in a few basic measurements and you can get a gorgeous, affordable piece made from the other side of the world. The concept of perfect, tailored pieces costing thousands is no longer the norm.

For an idea of just how awesome that is, consider the fact that celebrities like Kim Kardashian pays $5,000 just to get their jeans tailored. You can get a skirt at Rita and Phill that looks just as great for $145.  Bespoke has finally been commercialized.

Some of these business models even make the world a better place. Efaisto gives artisans back 30 times what they get traditional retailers. Startups are now making it possible for you to look better than ever before while changing a clothing designer’s life. That being said, shoppers should also remember that tailored pieces naturally last longer, so even if the initial purchase comes at a premium, the removal of a need to buy a replacement in a year saves you plenty.

4) It saves you an hour.


What happens when you find a dress you really like in Zara only to discover that it does not fit? You might head over to H&M, or Top Shop. And if those give you the same problem? You could sift through more than ten stores – let’s not even mention the waiting room times if it’s a busy day – before you find what you like.

The time spent with a tailor, or even better, a bespoke e-commerce platform that lets you design everything from your laptop to your shoes is nothing in comparison. Taking the measurements for a custom skirt from a startup like Rita and Phill literally takes five minutes. We tried it.

Excited to go bespoke? Check out the incredible work being done by Efaisto and Rita and Phill!



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