Collective Brainpower Propels Real Life Escape Rooms

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Have you ever imagined being trapped in a mysterious room and managing to break out using nothing but your brainpower? If you have a mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes and want to try a fun, challenging game, then come test your mental might at Trap Vietnam – Real Life Escape Room at 40 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi. This live escape game will definitely give you a challenge.

At the Trap Vietnam – Real Life Escape Room, game creator Nguyen Hoang Duy, explains the rules: “Escape game is basically, you have to escape from a locked room and you have to try to think outside of the box to find answers and words and numbers to fill in the log, and then you can get out. We have 3 rooms. This room is named Egyptian room, which is for the beginner, like first-time player. The second room is for intermediate, like if you have played several times, you have no difficulty unlocking this room. And the last room is for experts.”

There are about 20 games per room. The first room is usually the easiest challenge and the goal is simple. You have to get out of the room in time by finding hidden clues and solving puzzles using strategy, creativity, and logic.

The escape process requires you to examine everything around, from a small wooden beetle hanging on the wall to the giant Egytian statues all around. Players are advised to wear comfortable clothing, as there may be a lot of standing, sitting and searching for items on the ground. Don’t hesitate to try even the craziest method to get out. It might be the right way.

Players find the game interesting and unique. In order to beat the game, you and your team must work together to find clues and use your powers of observation and problem solving to escape. But don’t worry. Sometimes, suscess comes automatically. For example, when the door suddenly opens after you unintentionally touch a button on the wall. That’s pretty cool.

The game requires teams of 2 to 8 players. The recommended age for the games is 8 years and up. Each room has a guide, who provides hints. The players will try to escape from the room in only 60 minutes. If the players need help, they can press the button and help will be on the way.

Each of the games in the “Escape room” has a different theme that comes with a backstory. The “Egyptian room” is based on a story about a Pharaoh whose soul was trapped inside a pyramid. The second room, the “Taken room” is based on a story about an undercover agent, who tries to find clues about a human trafficking gang. The third room based on a story about a journalist trying to find why the patients and doctors in a hospital are suddenly disappearing.

Clues are hidden anywhere and everywhere. To win the games, players have to think creatively and collaborate with their teammates. As the difficulty of the games increases, players might not solve all challenges the first time.

No internet-access devices are allowed in the room, because playing the ecape game is a way to push players to think creatively and solve the challenge without outside support.

The owner is Phan Truong Linh, who realized that many Vietnamese people are interested in physical adventure games over computer games. He created the Trap Vietnam – Real Life Escape Room in 2015 to give young people a new entertainment choice.

“I had a passion for mental games, puzzles and logical games. I wanted to do something new to make a blast in the game field in Hanoi, so I brought escape games from Hungary to Hanoi, my hometown. The best escape room of the Trap is the “Egyptian room” which has 100 automated devices in it. All of my customers really like the room. My plan for the future is to expand the Trap to Ho Chi Minh City or Danang,” Linh said.

Since there are several escape games with different themes and levels of difficulty, players can choose the escape game experience that best fits their needs.

For more information, go to, or call 0932 232 408. Prices range from about $10 USD per person, per room.

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