CJ E&M Vietnam and HKFilm Establish CJ HK Entertainment

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Left to right, Phong The Nguyen, Managing Director and Board Member, HKFilm; Louie Nguyen, film investor and Board Member, HKFilm; Taesun Jung, Executive Director, CJ E&M Vietnam; Trinh Hoang Nguyen, Co-Founder and Board Member, HKFilm; Yuno Choi, Producer, CJ E&M.

Since 2014, CJ E&M Vietnam and HKFilm have collaborated together over a number of films. The joint venture is a major milestone for both companies. “We are incredibly excited about the future. Combing CJ E&M global standard expertise with HKFilm local smarts, we are confident we can bring high quality films that the local audience deserves,” said Louie Nguyen, film investor and board member of HKFilm. “Our goal is to become the number one film company in Vietnam, with a target of 30% market share,” added Nguyen. From now until 2018, CJ HK Entertainment aims to produce and release more than five Vietnamese films a year.

The formation of CJ HK Entertainment is part of the corporate mission of both CJ E&M Vietnam and HKFilm to nurture a uniquely Vietnamese film industry by leveraging the best resources of Vietnam and Korea to produce high quality films,

The first two films by CJ HK Entertainment will be the Brilliant May (directed by Nguyen Quang Dung) and the Immortal (directed by Victor Vu).

CJ HK Entertainment

Vietnam and HKFilm together produced the mega-blockbuster Sweet Twenty which was, until August 2017 the all-time highest grossing film in Vietnam. The team also produced the well-received 2016 horror film, The Housemaid, and critically acclaimed film Kiss and Spell.  

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