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In times of trouble, Event Puff could be your only hope.

EventPuff is an app that wants to puff away the hiring troubles of both businesses and workers. Its tech-driven social solution allows businesses to immediately find extra-hands for whatever they need. If you run a bar and need an extra waiter for happy hour, EventPuff can find you one in less than ten minutes. If you run a factory and need two extra hands for the day, EventPuff will get you those hands fast. No paperwork needed; just do a couple swipes on a glossy touchscreen and you are set.

The Problem

You are an e-commerce platform who has just struck a streak of good luck. Your orders for the week are twice what you anticipated, so you have a landslide of profits ready to roll in. There’s just one problem. You are tragically understaffed. There is no way you are letting those profits slide away, so you call all your friends and family for help.

But most of them are busy – so you call a recruiting agency. They propose a tremendous fee, and cannot guarantee they will find you workers within your incredibly tight time frame. Frustrated and disappointed, you head over to your factory and prepare the products yourself. Being one man doing the work of twenty, you are only able to prepare a fifth of the orders. You lose the profits you had coming your way, and make a lot of customers angry in the process – some of who may never reutrn. If only you had the workers you needed.

Technology Comes to the Rescue

EventPuff is an app that connects freelance workers with companies that need immediate extra hands. Workers simply log-on to the app, submit a request for a job, and EventPuff will search their location for companies in need of extra workers within a specified time period. The whole process feels like ordering a ride from Uber – EventPuff displays all the companies immediately hiring, along with the wages offered. The worker simply picks the one he likes and heads over.


For companies,  the process is linearly reversed. They simply submit a request for helpers, and they can see all the available hands within their area. The whole process is socially driven, so both sides can see reviews for the other side, providing incentives for jobs well done. EventPuff’s system handles all the complexities that usually make finding freelance work a hurdle. Think paychecks, court filings, and all other sorts of paperwork. That’s right, with EventPuff, both sides can effectively forget about paperwork.

Moving Forward

EventPuff is one of the 1,000 startups turning Vietnam from a transitioning economy to an innovative investment destination. Its business model takes 10% off every transaction, similar to AirBnB’s. The team, consisting of Steven Diep Kien Phong, Alex Wong, and Leon Lim, are already serving businesses in Singapore and have immediate plans for expansion into Vietnam. Other parts of Asia are target markets as well. The app is presently available on iOS, Android, and Desktop. For more information on EventPuff, visit their website.





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