How to Find Executive Jobs and Careers in Vietnam

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Yes, working in Vietnam is easy and exciting. Discover jobs that elevate your career and expand your world experience.

Vietnam has high demand for American talent. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are teeming with jobs in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, tourism, and more. Positions abound in executive and management positions. Today, Vietnam has already captured the hearts of 80,000 foreign nationals.  As its economic engine roars ever louder, the abundance of opportunity will grow. On Vietnam’s wild and bustling growth trajectory, you will find adventure in normal life. And normal life in adventure.

Vietnam harbors a golden population triangle that boasts rising middle class incomes, bountiful youth, and growing technological penetration. These factors, aided by market reform, will give Vietnam’s economy another solid year in 2017. But there is more than Vietnam’s rising economy to be excited about.

In Vietnam, you find another world – one that astounds with centuries of exoticism in its food, vistas and art. And yet also one that amazes you with its vibrant youth, blistering high-rises, and budding startup nation. Work in Vietnam if you want to witness 90 million people transform their life styles from one era to the next. You could build the new face of a frontier economy.

It’s easier to get a job when everybody already likes you.


You are wondering where to begin. Richard Bolles, best selling author of career tome What Color is Your Parachute? advises readers to place heavy emphasis on networking when building a new career. That advice resounds well when you are moving to a new country. We advise allocating at least three months to not only find a position, but to building your contact base as well. While you do not need to be able to speak Vietnamese fluently, learning the basics will earn you respect. Remember that it can take you a long way in negotiations.

Luckily, LinkedIn is available in Vietnam. There are plenty of active groups with foreign professionals immersed deeply in domestic industries. Linkin Vietnam is one LinkedIn Group that is particularly well curated. Another solid group is Vietnam Expats. Join. Introduce yourself. Aggressively explore opportunities – be sure to leverage mutual connections here. For those of you who are adventurous, Richi Etwaru wrote an excellent piece on Networking Like a Ninja.

There’s a geyser of openings. Here’s where you find them.


Vietnam Works is an incredible website. You can find openings related to just about any field here – ERP Project Manager, Sales Manager, Chief Accountant, Android Developer, you name it. Other reputable engines include Job Street and Learn4Good. All three of the above can be viewed in English. Also check out OverseasJobs, which has postings for just about every country. If you are already located in Vietnam, you will also find listings in local newspapers.

For those of you who need to be made aware of your prospects, the HR industry in Vietnam reported over 2,000 job openings per month in 2016. If you plan on working for a global company, you will find the lion’s share of opportunities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC). If you are willing to venture out, also check in Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Hai Duong, or Ba Ria Vung Tau.

For those technologically inclined, a few notable names doing incredible innovative work are: Misfit Wearables, Arimo, Elsa, and Anduin Transactions. All of them are expanding. For those in other industries, you can find global companies operating in Vietnam at AmCham Vietnam.

Also be reminded that the landscape is competitive. Vietnam’s stellar growth has drawn no shortage of interest, and Vietnamese nationals still take priority in the hiring process. At least 20% of managers, executive directors, and experts in any company have to be Vietnamese. While you can have an incredible time working in Vietnam, you should not expect getting there to be a complete cakewalk.

Do not show up without paperwork.


Vietnam has strict rules for foreigners coming to work in the country. Your new employer or work partner/sponsor will be required to submit paperwork to authorities stating the job you will be performing is unique to your talent or skillset, and not able to be done by a local person.

The employer will request to secure your job for a specific amount of time, and will work with the embassy or consulate to help you apply for the type of visa you will need for the duration of your stay. There are different types of visas and permits, although foreign workers in high level positions can be exempt from work permits. Sign up at Vietnam Advisors to receive our newsletter with more information regarding Vietnam jobs and our 2017 Vietnam Advisors Career Guide.


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