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In our ongoing effort to empower the underserved, VietnamAdivsors would like to highlight non-profits doing amazing work in Vietnam. We hope you will take the time to follow the links to the non-profit homepage to better understand what they do. If their mission resonates with you, we certainly hope your generosity will be a resource to them and their continual mission.

VietnamAdvisors thanks you in advance for your support.

Newborns Vietnam, established in 2011, is a UK registered charity. The primary purpose of the organization is to reduce infant mortality and to facilitate the health of newborns and their mothers with the main focus on developing regions, such as South East Asia in general, and Vietnam in particular. Throughout the first four years of operation, Newborns Vietnam has built significant partnerships with Da Nang Department of Health and Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children, Vietnam’s National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi, and district and provincial hospitals that serve large rural populations in central Vietnam.

Saving Newborn Lives

Worldwide, too many newborns continue to die. In 2015, neonatal mortality accounted for three quarters of all infant deaths in Vietnam and more than half of mortality in under 5 year-olds. For the most vulnerable newborns, strengthening existing hospital-based care is the most effective way of saving newborn lives. High quality care for sick newborns requires careful monitoring by appropriately trained nurses and doctors with a sound understanding of the physiological and developmental needs of the small or the sick newborn.

More neonatal deaths could be prevented with greater availability of hospital Neonatal Intensive Care. In high-income settings, access to this care is nearly universal, in middle income and poor countries, coverage, access and quality of care are very variable.

The provision of high quality nursing and medical care of small and sick newborns not only saves lives but also leads to improved outcomes and reduces the burden of long term disability for survivors, their families and society. Disability is greatest in middle income countries, particularly where neonatal care has been scaled up without due attention to the quality of care provided. There are many constraints, usually related to very low levels of staffing, poorly equipped units and a lack of specific knowledge and competencies in assessing and managing small and sick newborns. We provide neonatal nurse training and medical education programs. Our training programs are developed and delivered in partnership with British higher education institutions and NHS teaching hospitals, local health providers and medical training colleges.

How you can help
Since starting operations, the charity has successfully conducted an impressive range of training programs with extremely good results, as demonstrated by the 50% reduction in mortality rates at Da Nang Hospital, a 50% reduction in the use of antibiotics and a tripled rate of breastfeeding now standing at 87%.

In the period 2016 – 2020, Newborns Vietnam commits to widen the scope and diversity of its activities, with both research including the completion of the current research – The Impact of Nurse Education Intervention on neonatal Mortality and delivering post graduate training for junior doctors at the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi, UK University led training for nurses and basic newborn care training in district hospitals. We need help in broadening our funding base to support our enhanced teaching Programs in Danang and Hanoi.
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