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A new dating app for working, single professionals in Vietnam is taking online dating to a new level. Rudicaf, roughly translated into English as “invite someone to have coffee together”, is hoping to change the landscape of online dating by offering carefully selected, like-minded singles a venue to meet each other.

Aiming to attract the more discerning dater, Rudicaf puts users through a strict vetting process before matching them with potential dates. The new service is becoming a trusted source for professional singles throughout the country.

Rudicaf CEO, Vũ Nguyệt Anh said the higher criteria of selecting its customers before they become members is key. “We cater to single people, we do not accept customers who are married. Their profiles are examined carefully before customers are allowed to be members,” she said. “We don’t facilitate extra-marital relationships. Besides this rule, customers must have a steady income of at least VNĐ12 million (US $530) per month for men and VNĐ8 million for women.”

Established in November 2016, the company membership grew mainly from graduate students from developed countries, graduates from top universities in Vietnam, and corporate executives or upper management from businesses in Vietnam. According to the company’s statistics, average customers are ages 22-45.

Customers must first submit their CV and show proof of income. They are then invited for an in-person interview to make sure that their profiles are genuine and accurate. Once customers are deemed qualified, they choose a prepaid fee package rate before being given their account on the mobile app and passwords to book a date with members they are interested in. The packages range in price from US $500 to $1,000 per year.

The mobile app does not allow users to chat or offer gifts online; it only facilitates members to book a date with other members they like.

Many Vietnamese professionals with high-paid jobs, a good education, and having cars and houses, are busy with work and networking to further their careers, or pursuing hobbies like golf or travel with little time to attend to traditional long-term relationships. “However, sometimes they need someone to accompany them for dinners or events. Following their date, they return to their happy independent lives and hobbies”, Anh said.

“Though we try to select our members carefully, there might be some risks,” she said. “So, we encourage members to meet face to face before they date. We want to gradually change the conservative mindset about dating; many think only those who cannot find partners go for dating services or that dating is just to find a husband or a wife.”

The company offers many other services to connect people to help them broaden their social relationships at work, consultancy to resolve problems in relationships, besides consultancy and help to present gifts on anniversaries, and organizing events for couples.

Ánh started the service initially in 2010, and realized a full-time commitment would be necessary to make it a different offering from the other dating sites, and to be ran exactly as she envisioned it.

“After operating for six months, we can confirm that we have created a certain prestige,” she said. “It brings both pride and pressure to develop sustainably while sticking to our values.”

Phạm Minh Đức, CEO of, commented that the app is alluring to singles. “It’s suitable for people like me who have to put in a lot of time into work and consequently, have no time for dating,” he said.

Võ Phương Thảo, marketing manager of Paradise Vietnam Group, said it’s the first time she had found a suitable app having members with high profiles. “I think dating is becoming more and more difficult in society. The app will help me save time and find interesting people to make friends with, some of whom could be my lover in the future,” said Phạm Quang Huy, a Shaper at Global Shapers.

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