Outsourcing of Pet Apparel & Accessories Manufacturing to Vietnam

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April 04, 2016

Vietnam Pet Apparel Outsourcing Manufacturing

What is the Cut and Sew manufacturing process? And why Vietnam?

Cut and sew manufacturers, commonly referred to as cut and sew apparel contractors, create apparel and accessories out of materials owned by the companies that contract them. The main difference between this industry and other apparel manufacturing industries is the ownership of the fabric. (Source: IBISWorld)

In Vietnam there are many small locally owned companies providing “cut and sew” and “cutting, making and packing” and “cut, make and trim” manufacturing services employing a outsourcing business model.  The ‘cut and sew’ manufacturing process is part of the low cost manufacturing service industries found in Vietnam. The apparel, textile and garment, including footwear, industries are some of the biggest industrial sectors in Vietnam providing thousands of jobs for small home based operations to VINATEX and Saigon Garmex the largest manufactures in Vietnam. Vietnam is third after China, Bangladesh in the world for exporters of apparel and footwear that brought in $64 USD billion in 2014.

TPP, Vietnam and the Apparel Industry

Vietnam is part of the 12 countries that will make up the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) a global trade pact that will eliminate a wide range of tariffs, especially in the apparel, garment and footwear  industries. Vietnam is the largest exporter of apparel, garments and footwear in this group of 12 countries and  will likely to raise Vietnam’s garment and textile exports to the USA alone to US$55 billion by 2025. New investments are being made in the apparel industry of Vietnam from Japan and USA, even from a non-member China, in anticipation of TPP.

Consider Vietnam for the production of your Pet Apparel and Accessories

The benefits to your company of low cost manufacturing of your pet products in Vietnam will allow your firm to compete in the ultra competitive pet product markets while improving your margins. Apparel manufactures in Vietnam are recognized internationally for consistent high quality manufacturing.

This following list includes a wide range of pet (dog and cat) products that can be manufactured and assembled using fabric and the ‘cut and sew’ manufacturing process:

‘Cut and Sew’ Pet Apparel and Accessories Products

  • All types of apparel for both dogs and cats including sweaters, coats, outdoor gear and protective wear, designer fashion clothing and accessories, shoes and boots.
  • Beds, Cushions, Rugs and Vet Bedding (Cat and Dog)
  • Carriers for Dog and Cat
  • Collars, Leashes, Harnesses and Muzzles
  • Various Toys and Flossy Chew Toys
  • Scratching Posts and Housing for Cats

Whether you are a small boutique designing pet apparel and/or accessories and need to produce under 500 items or a large corporation with multiple lines and an extensive portfolio  you should consider Vietnam for the lost cost ‘cut and sew’ production of your pet apparel products and accessories.

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