President Trump speaks at APEC, travels to Hanoi for meeting with PM

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Air Force One landed on Friday in Danang, Vietnam bringing US President Donald Trump to the APEC Summit. “The whole world is being lifted by America’s economic renewal,” Trump said in his speech. He also said that a ‘new optimism’ has swept across the US since his election and gave statistics on economic growth, low unemployment and stock market highs to the group of APEC nation CEO’s.

Mr. Trump is more popular in Vietnam than he is back at home, according to a Pew survey that found 58 percent of Vietnamese were confident in his ability to guide international affairs.

Trump will fly to Hanoi later today for meetings in the capital city. Trade is expected to be a major topic of discussion Mr. Trump will have with his Vietnamese counterpart on Saturday.

In May, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, the prime minister of Vietnam, became the first leader from Southeast Asia to meet with Mr. Trump in Washington DC.

Mr. Trump will continue an unbroken string of visits to Vietnam by American presidents since diplomatic ties were normalized in 1995. There are still notable policy differences. The United States ranks as the top destination for Vietnamese exports, and Hanoi was particularly disappointed when Mr. Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which would have given Vietnam better access to its No. 1 market.

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