Tourists flocking to Vietnam’s idyllic sand sculpture park

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Visitors to Phan Thiet, Vietnam are excited to see the beautiful red clay sand sculptures created by the skillful hands of foreign sculptors at Vietnam’s first ever sand sculpture park.

Sculptors from 15 nations around the world such as Holland, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, Singapore, the US, and Japan were invited to create the initial designs. The unique sand sculptures are visual masterpieces.

Visitors will be brought back to their childhoods as they are told famous fairy tales at the Forgotten Land Sand Sculpture Park, featuring 22 lively and interesting sculptures based on fairy tales of Việt Nam and the world. The park has a special space for children to experience the art of sand sculpture.

After a long-period of research, international scientists affirmed that the quality of sand in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet meets the material requirements for sand sculpture art. A sand statue of King Kong stands at the entrance to the park.

The park is expected to become one of the landmarks in Bình Thuận Province, one that tourists, especially children, should not miss when visiting the region best known for beautiful beaches and sand dunes.Moreover, sculptors of ancient architectural works, such as Thiên Mụ pagoda in the central city of Huế are featured.

Each of the 22 sculptures average length, 16ft. in width and 11ft. in height.

Red sand for the sculptors is taken from the province’s large dunes which cover thousands of hectares created by frequent sand-storms blowing inland from the coast.

Strong winds will not blow sand from sculptures thanks to techniques of the sculptors.

Sculptor Marielle Heessels from Holland said that this was the first time she had come to Việt Nam.
The people and nature of Việt Nam inspired her for sculpturing, Heessels said, adding that she wanted to tell many fairy tales via sculptures. She said she hoped that the sculptures would be liked by local and foreign tourists.

Sculptor Leonardo Ugolinin from Belgium said he came to Việt Nam for the second time to sculpt sand. He was very happy to perform the art in beautiful Phan Thiết city. The sand in Phan Thiết is stickier than sand in other places and makes it easy to sculpt, he said.

Sculptures will last about one year under normal weather conditions.

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